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Monitor yourself 24/7 activity & sleep tracking smartwatch

ZeFit is a connected watchband that tells time, tracks steps, distance traveled, calories burned and hours slept. ZeFit features a single button and an OLED display to check your real-time activity at a glance. With a short press of the button, cycle through the display to browse your daily activity results. Zefit wirelessly syncs data to Android 4.3 and iOS 6.0 + devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 connection. ZeFit also lets you transfer your stats to PC and Mac using the supplied USB cable and free software*. With ZeFit free mobile app and/or software*, set daily goals and reminders, monitor your performance level and analyze your progress ! ZeFit will help you stay motivated and active throughout the day. Wear ZeFit 24/7 to keep track of yourself !


Android app on Google Play iphone app on Iphone appstore windows software mac software


  • Time

    Tells time like any other watch

  • Bluetooth 4.0

    Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth

  • 24/7 Tracker

    Wear it day and night

  • Pedometer

    Count your daily steps

  • Distance

    Measure distance traveled

  • Calories

    Calculate calories burned

  • Sleep

    Track hours and quality of sleep

  • Reminders

    Schedule reminders

  • Goals

    Set up your daily goals

  • Stats

    Monitor your activity in real-time

ZeFit application

Wirelessly sync your activity and sleep data to your mobile device

  • Set up via the app

  • Activity dashboard

  • Daily Goals

  • Reminders

  • Sleep monitor

  • Real-time Stats

Tech specs

  • Size & Circumference : Min: 161mm /5.7” Max: 209mm /8.23” Width: 20mm /0.8”
  • Weight : 25 g
  • Bluetooth : 4.0
  • Battery type : Li-ion 60mAh
  • Battery life : 3-4 days
  • Charging time : 2 hours
  • Memory : 7 days of activity
  • Display : OLED
  • Sensor : 3-axis accelerometer
  • Operating temperature : -20 to 40° C
  • Water resistance : splash, sweat and rain resistant
  • International warranty : 1 year


ZeFit is compatible with select Android 4.3 and iOS 6.0 and later devices (iPhone 4 S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPad Mini, iPad 3 and later)

  • iOS 6.0 and later

    iOS 6.0 and later

  • Select Android 4.3

    Select Android 4.3



Android app on Google Play iphone app on Iphone appstore windows software mac software