Full-Stack, Front-End and Back-End Developers in Sweden

The recently observed dynamic transformation of the IT sector has led to an increase in the demand for domain experts. With different projects requiring more and more advanced technologies, there’s always room for improvement and new solutions. To remain competitive and fulfill their potential, organizations from all parts of the world, including Sweden, have no other option but to rely on the support of skilled IT specialists. With a serious staff shortage, a growing number of companies operating in the Nordic countries decide to go for IT work outsourcing in a staffing or team leasing model. Full-stack developers, front-end developers and back-end developers are indicated as some of the most wanted profiles.

Who Are Back-End, Front-End and Full-Stack Developers?

  • Back-end developers

Back-end development is all about the server-side of an application. Typically, the process involves a few crucial stages, i.e. contact initiation, consultation, requirements definition, technical specification, team building and proper project start. In this case, the client should not even notice the effort made by back-end engineers. It is the task of back-end developers to ensure that the developed application or website is both functional and logical. To achieve this, they use effective tools and technologies making the developed code clean, well-documented and portable.

The idea behind frontend development, also referred to as client-side development, is to focus on what the user sees on a website. Hence, a frontend engineer is responsible for the user-facing code and user experience architecture. The visual frontend has to be error-free, easy-to-read, relevant and appealing. Another objective of frontend developers to be executed is making the website equally visible across different browsers, including desktop and mobile. Working closely with designers and analysts, they can also identify problems in the area of user experience and provide codified solutions improving the final result.

The role of a fullstack developer requires being familiar with all layers of an application and working on client-side as well as server-side software. Having wide-ranging knowledge, fullstack engineers are adaptable, flexible and agile. For this reason, they are ready to effectively develop software products for different types of companies. Fullstack developers also keep every part of the client’s system running smoothly, at the same time providing support to front end engineers and back end engineers in their team. Essentially, they need to show a high level of competence to solve any, even unexpected problems related to software and its proper development.

How to Find Back-End, Front-End and Full-Stack Developers in Sweden?

Thanks to outsourcing services, or more specifically nearshoring, companies in Sweden get unlimited access to experienced software developers and IT consultants. As project results have shown, outsourced teams of back end, front end and full stack developers can be significantly more productive and cheaper than those working locally. With the growing demand for top-class digital services, global brands establish partnerships with international vendors offering attractive terms of cooperation. Specialist expertise, flexibility, cultural synergy, level of proficiency in English, distance, reputation, standards – these are some of the deciding factors.

What Makes Sii a Reliable Business Partner?

With over 4 500 experts in numerous fields, Sii is the largest IT, engineering and digital services provider in Poland. Offering outsourcing, nearshoring, staffing and team leasing as effective models of cooperation, the organization has built trust with clients from various regions, including a large number of Scandinavian companies.

Who exactly creates Sii?

Sii team consists of carefully selected, highly skilled specialists adapting to the dynamically changing technology landscape. Regardless of the implemented project’s difficulty level, they provide solutions fulfilling or even exceeding the client’s expectations.

Specialist profiles:

  • Back end developers
  • Front end developers
  • Full stack developers
  • Java developers
  • .Net developers
  • DevOps consultants
  • Embedded developers
  • Embedded testers
  • IoT engineers
  • AEM developers
  • React & Angular developers
  • PHP & Node developers
  • HTML/CSS developers

What technologies are Sii experts working with?

Following the latest technology trends, Sii uses most modern programming languages and frameworks to deliver both frontend and backend solutions of the highest quality. The choice of the employed tool always depends on the client’s preferences and business purposes.

Main frontend programming languages at Sii:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Apache
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • React
  • MySQL

Main backend programming languages at Sii:

  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Python
  • .Net
  • Node JS
  • Jenkins
  • AWS
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • Cobol
  • RPG

What Back-End, Front-End and Full-Stack Services Does Sii Provide?

As a top IT services vendor with different areas of specialization, Sii has a wide, constantly expanding product portfolio. Not only does the company offer digital services such as software development and mobile apps development (iOS development, Android development and Xamarin development) but also IT QA, BI services, embedded services, test automation, cybersecurity services, e-commerce services and many others.

To meet all clients’ requirements, Sii’s engineers, consultants and testers  having different professional backgrounds assist them on each project stage, from idea generation to long-term solution maintenance. With a flexible approach and expertise in often complex, specialist areas, they can either focus on one specific step or be responsible for the entire process.

The series of tasks the workflow consist of:

  1. Idea – development of a strategic vision, taking into account market trends
  2. Requirements gathering and analysis – preparation of a plan, priorities identification, business needs definition, agile team building
  3. Solution design – architecture aspects, custom functionalities, preparation, mockups, visual style
  4. Implementation – installation, configuration, integration with the client’s systems
  5. Testing and validation – audit, monitoring, detecting potential errors, providing countermeasures
  6. Maintenance – support after the actual go-live, handling requests, solving solution-related problems, upgrades, adding new features, consulting

What Digital Services Does Sii Offer?

Sii’s professional digital services and solutions are suited to the needs of specific organizations and industries they operate in. Understanding clients’ preferences, all teams composed of back end developers, front-end developers, full stack developers, consultants and digital testers offer functional tools meeting the highest standards. Effective implementation, great performance and security are among the company’s top priorities.

  • Web solutions

Adopting the you-build-you-run-it approach, Sii’s cross-functional, agile team takes full responsibility for the delivered web applications. The solution’s design, development, release and later maintenance are part of the company’s services supporting digital transformation.

  • HTML5/JavaScript applications
  • Customized or off-the-shelf CMS implementation
  • Cloud services configuration and integration
  • Web interfaces modernization
  • New business requests handling
  • Application redesign and maintenance
  • Continuous testing
  • Traditional or serverless power consumption
  • Mobile services

The cross-platform and native mobile apps created by Sii’s backend developers and frontend developers support the business activities of clients from various sectors. Taking into account global market trends, all expert teams start their mobile app development projects with an in-depth analysis of the requirements and formulation of a coherent strategy.

  • Mobile-first enterprise applications for companies ranging from start-ups to corporations
  • Audits, testing and monitoring for mobile app optimization and error prevention
  • Custom, business-specific functionalities
  • Initial application setup
  • Back-end heavy integrations
  • Quality consulting services
  • Upgrades and enhancements
  • E-commerce

As the top digital services vendor, Sii offers support of competent specialists in e-commerce solutions, platforms and tools, including senior back end developers, front-end developers, full-stack developers and digital testers. Their common goal is to help clients build successful B2B and B2C e-commerce businesses. Treating e-commerce as a multi-dimensional area, Sii devotes its digital resources to the control of customer experience quality.

  • Consulting, advisory and supervision before implementation
  • Business case preparation
  • Agile team building
  • Review of UX & UI, architecture, code quality, performance, security
  • E-commerce mystery shopper report
  • Implementation activities, including prototyping, DevOps and platform preparation, configuration, customization, integration with external systems
  • Testing and audits
  • Production deployment and go-live
  • User experience design

Sii creates intelligent, user-friendly software solutions such as desktop and mobile apps. Apart from that, the UX team specializes in building easy-to-navigate, responsive user interfaces for custom systems. Using a result-driven approach, Sii experts carry out thorough tests to ensure that the developed front-end and back-end solutions are properly designed and, as planned, help the client reach their business goals.

  • User cases, user stories and user flows preparation
  • Multi-platform design
  • Architecture, prototypes and interaction design
  • Visual style guides, responsive layouts, specifications for front-end and back-end developers
  • Usability testing, A/B test plans, surveys, card sorting, quantitative studies, accessibility reports
  • Robotic process automation

Offering automation and integration of different apps and environments, Sii agile teams of developers and digital consultants allow the client to boost productivity and lower operational costs. Designed to support companies from all sectors, the provided software robots substitute for humans, taking over repetitive everyday tasks.

  • Identification of processes to be robotized
  • Business case preparation
  • Documentation preparation, ROI prediction
  • Building infrastructure in the cloud or on-premise
  • Presentations, workshops, Q&A sessions
  • Robot’s monitoring, controlling and repairing
  • Cloud robots for rental
  • Custom development

In response to clients’ special requests, Sii sets up dedicated expert teams of front-end and back-end developers, delivery managers, architects, business analysts and digital testers. The highly skilled specialists design, deliver and maintain turnkey solutions meeting very specific needs. With its own, highly effective Software Engineering Methodology, Sii is ready to take on new, even most demanding clients regardless of their scale of operation, sector or strategic objectives.

  • Desktop, web and mobile apps, plug-ins and extensions, mainframe, non-visual system components
  • On-premise and monolithic systems
  • Modern SOA or microservices
  • Agile and fixed or waterfall approach
  • DevOps methodology
  • Software and technology consulting
  • Legacy systems

Sii teams of highly experienced engineers create, improve and maintain central systems of organizations from industrial and banking sectors, operating on a global scale. Being familiar with both older and latest programming languages, they always adjust the development method to the client’s vision and culture.

  • Advisory services and consulting before the modernization of central systems
  • Creating business applications on mainframe systems
  • Development of business applications on the IBM i platform
  • Mobile apps integration based on detailed requirements analysis
  • Introduction of advanced functionalities
  • Maintenance of the optimized systems
  • Future improvements and upgrades
  • Application maintenance

Offering cooperation models tailored to the client’s needs, Sii’s competent digital specialists provide support at different availability levels. With a vast knowledge of different types of desktop, web and mobile apps, as well as various domains and technologies, the team has the resources to carry out even very complex maintenance projects. Regardless of circumstances and changing business conditions, Sii delivers all digital services in accordance with agreed SLA and KPIs.

  • Remote, off-site 1st line of support
  • Field, on-site 2nd line of support
  • 3rd line of support
  • Effective transition and delivery process
  • Development of advanced functionalities
  • Implementation, development and administration of ServiceNow
  • 24/7 and 8/5 support model
  • Gold, silver and bronze levels of support
  • Possibility to take over services provided by other vendors
  • Embedded services

How Do Sii’s Back-end and Front-end Developers Raise to Digital Challenges?

Providing digital services since 2006, Sii has been collaborating with clients from various regions, including Sweden. Its competent senior developers, digital testers and consultants work on challenging IT projects that enable organizations operating in different sectors to reach new levels. The world-class solutions offered by Sii attract a constantly growing number of both Scandinavian and global leaders. With staffing, outsourcing, nearshoring and team leasing as highly efficient cooperation models, Sii is flexible enough to respond to the needs of all clients.

Examples of projects implemented by Sii’s back-end, front-end and full-stack engineers:

  • UX design, website development and maintenance for a top brand
  • Prototype machine for automation of human-machine interfaces testing
  • Modern, easy-to-use platform boosting sales
  • Free Android application helping passengers orient themselves at the airport
  • Modern, user-friendly “fair splitting” application operated on iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms
  • Redesign of a top bank’s website according to the newest trends
  • Development and implementation of a mobile app for iOS devices to facilitate contact between sales representatives and clients
  • Providing end-users with great product experience by enabling them to control power bank status via a mobile app
  • Web portal handling all internal processes in a large corporation
  • Building a new application, splitting a legacy platform’s monolith architecture into multiple microservices built on Service Fabric by an agile team
Go to https://sii.pl/en/case-studies/ to see more of Sii’s digital projects.

Additional Information about Sii Sweden

If you are a Swedish company interested in digitization, software development and maintenance or would like to learn more about the largest technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO and engineering services vendor – Sii Sweden – please go to https://siisweden.se/en/. Visit the career section, if you are a junior or senior backend developer, frontend developer or fullstack developer looking for a great job. Additional information about Sii’s solutions can be found on https://sii.pl/en/. To contact Sii’s domain experts and arrange either an online or face-to-face meeting, fill in a short form.